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The Job Interview

Spring is just around the corner. Soon college and high school graduation ceremonies will be celebrated all across the country. Thousands of graduates will be seeking employment in the coming months. As usual, competition will be fierce for the best jobs, and the smart job seeker will dress thoughtfully for that all-important job interview. To ensure that you are appropriately dressed for your job interview, keep these key points in mind.

  • Wear attire that is appropriate to that business.  No jeans in the office, no three-piece suits in the automotive shop.
  • Check the company’s dress code to make sure you dress within the guidelines.
  • No flashy colors or styles – they will distract from you and your qualifications.
  • Make sure your clothing is freshly cleaned and pressed.
  • Shine your shoes.
  • Keep jewelry simple. Limit yourself to 13 accessories or less, including watch, belt, earrings, eyeglasses, etc.
  • Get a fresh haircut to create a good impression. Men should be clean-shaven.

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Building a new wardrobe

So, what if you have taken a good long look in the mirror and you have decided that maybe it is time to revamp your work wardrobe – where do you start? Is it really necessary to chuck it all and incur all that expense? After all, you invested in some very nice pieces of clothing , gosh – has it been ten years ago now….?

Let’s start at the beginning. First do a closet inventory. Make note of all the jackets and slacks (and, for women, skirts) that are in good repair and also look good on you. Give away any items you avoid wearing because they are not flattering to you or are worn out. Repeat this process with shirts, sweaters, vests, shoes and accessories. Make a list of items you need to make these clothing pieces work more efficiently for you. Perhaps adding a blue shirt to the black suit, along with a blue and black patterned tie would update your look.
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So, what is business casual?

Wouldn’t it be great if every occasion we were expected to attend had a detailed description of the dress code for the event? Whether work related or social, these occasions cause even the most fashion conscious among us to wonder ‘What should I wear?’ And when the invitation says simply “Casual”, what in the world does that mean?!

At times like this we can be thankful for Business Casual. But what is business casual, you say? Everything has changed over the past few years and most of us don’t know what that phrase means anymore. When determining whether an outfit is professional, business casual, or personal-life casual, the answer can be found in the details.
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How to project a professional image

Whether we mean to or not, we project an image every day at work. What kind of image do we want to project at work? Or more importantly, what kind of image do we need to project in the workplace? It depends on the kind of work we do. It must be appropriate to our profession, because it directly affects the opinion that our customer has of our company and our product.

A common argument in recent years is that an employee can do just as good of a job while dressed very casually as when they are dressed in a business suit. Perhaps. However, our clothing is more than a covering for modesty. And although many things have changed over the last 30 years, the design of our clothing is still an important means of communication. It conveys messages to others about our level of training and education in our field. From our clothing, customers can and do infer how serious we are about doing our job appropriately and about the quality of our work.
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